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Sep. 12th, 2017 11:12 am
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CEO chat went well, she totally agreed with my side of things and somewhat told me I need to go to her (instead of my boss) more often since I'm the only one that doesn't report directly to her. Anyway, she's giving me some (but not all) of what I requested and talked about ways I can make even more $$ by being more creative, which will again include not taking no from my boss for an answer. I guess it's a good vote of confidence and somewhat a sign that I've got more sway in how things are done from the client service side of things.

So that's neat.

Scheduling some time off for the fall, including a day for my folks to come help me take down some bushes in advance of the fence installation and a week in October to do fuckall. Probably repaint the basement for part of that time and finally get the theater room done. Carpet dude is coming to give me an estimate this afternoon.

My tennis elbow is finally starting to feel better and I think the free weights is making the difference. Of course, I tweaked my calf playing tennis on Sunday but found a good video online about how to treat and it's almost all better now.

I cannot stop listening to Aesop Rock's latest album and it's a really good problem to have.
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My annual work trip to Hawaii was pretty great. Easiest travel I've had (no one in the middle seat next to me on all three outgoing flights) and maybe 3 seconds of turbulence.

Lots of good teamwork and collaboration, my clients were shockingly self-sufficient while I was gone and I got to pet the owner's dog like, a thousand times. Even though I think I'm allergic.

We got to do some shopping and swim in the ocean for a few hours on Saturday before we left. I got a little pink but nothing I couldn't handle.

Had my 6-month-late review with my boss, in which she told me I ruled, and then told me my raise wouldn't be retroactive to my anniversary date as it had been done in the past. I didn't address it right away because I debated the upside of doing so and then decided to broach it. Long story short, I'm talking with the CEO about it tomorrow. Which I think means I won't get my way but maybe I'll be surprised.

After taking months off from weight lifting due to tennis elbow (which if you haven't had it, it hurts like a bugger), I restarted my routine this week and added in free weights. I think the machines at the Y make it a little too easy and give a false sense of progress. So now my arms hurt for different but better reasons.

I was asked to join the worship leader group at my UU fellowship and did so a few months back. It's essentially helping out the preacher with parts of the service (candle lighting, announcements, readings) and also providing a 2-3 minute reflection on the topic. Normally, this involves the worship leader working with the minister/guest preacher four to six weeks in advance to brainstorm and collaborate. For me, I had two days to put something together.

I've always done pretty well under pressure and based on the feedback I got after, this was no exception. I was nervous but only in the am-I-doing-this-in-the-right-order sense but was pretty comfortable with what I wrote about grace (and how it's never come naturally to me).

Nate started sixth grade this week and so far, so good. All of his close friends are in the other class but he's rolling with the punches. Good to have him back in a routine after a pretty balanced summer of day camps, summer school and lazy days of nothing. That lucky bastard.

It's a good 10-15 degrees cooler than average and has been since I got back from 90 degree temps in Hawaii and I'm not adjusting well. I know pants are an inevitability in Wisconsin but it's a but much this early in the year.

I'm doing nothing interesting in my free time and it's really embarrassing.

Tennis lessons start back up this Sunday and I'm so excited to be able to play no matter the weather.


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